The Prysmian group is one of the world’s leaders in the energy and telecommunication cables industry with a strong market position in higher added value market segments. Ravin Cables Ltd. Is a part of the Prysmian group and are a leading player in the Indian energy cable industry.

Organised in two business units - Energy Cables & Systems (submarine and terrestrial cables for electricity transmission and distribution) and Telecom Cables & Systems (optical fibres and cables for video, data and voice transmission and copper telecom cables), the Prysmian Group has a global presence in 36 countries with 54 plants, 7 R&D Centres in Europe, U.S.A. and South America and more than 12,000 employees.

Specialising in the development of products and systems designed on the basis of the client’s specific requirements, Prysmian’s main competitive strengths include its focus on research and development, ability to innovate its products and production processes, and the use of its own advanced proprietary technologies. Joining the Prysmian Group means belonging to a company where the quality of human resources is seen as a prime element of excellence and a major success factor.