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About Ravin Cables

India’s quest for global technology in energy cables ends here.

Ravin Cables Ltd., a leading player in the domestic power cable segment has signed a JV with Prysmian Group, a world leader in the energy and telecommunications cables industry for manufacture of all kinds of LV, MV, HV, EHV and other speciality cables in India. The new joint venture is set up in the spirit of continuity with the successful history of Ravin Cables. For customers, this means access to ultimate product design and materials, full reliability of production processes and high standard of quality and services. Customers also stand to gain from the best global practices and cross fertilization between standard and specialty products.

With this Joint Venture, Ravin Cables Ltd. hope to enhance the ‘Quality Quotient’ of all products by aligning with the Global R&D and expertise domain of Prysmian Group. It also wishes to scale up the technological space, roll out new state-of-the-art broad ranges of High Voltage (HV) / Extra High Voltage Cables (EHV), Industrial Cables, Specialty Cables, i.e. Rubber Cables customized to sectors like Wind, Solar, Automobile, Rolling Stock and Railways, Mining, Marine, Crane, Plant, Pilot and Petrochemicals, Offshore and umbilical. In addition to this, the JV also plans to cut down on Speciality Cables’ imports by bringing ‘Technology Based’ product range to India.

Ravin Cables Limited has been over the years, one of India's leading power cable manufacturers with a 50-year old legacy of excellence, innovation and world class sophistication. The company, since establishment has specialised in manufacturing power and control cables. It also provides inter-trade and service activities. It enjoys an excellent reputation due to the quality of its products and services and diligent working methods. Now, with thus Joint Venture, Ravin Cables Ltd. aims to provide even better services to its customers using the expertise and technological prowess of Prysmian.